Traci Taylor

I was compelled to find out how I could make my mascara last longer after spending $26 the weekend for the second time in 6 months on a new tube.  Yeah, I could go with cheaper mascara, but the stuff I use works wonders.  So, after digging around, I found a neat tip I’m going to try to help my mascara last longer and I also found 4 other sneaky ways to save cash.  Check them out:

Mascara: It can last for 5 months if you swirl the brush as you pull it out instead of pumping it up & down. Dipping the tube in boiling water for about 15 seconds will make it gooey again.

Nail Polish: Since heat and sunlight destroy it by separating the ingredients, keep your bottles in the fridge and you will more than double their lifespan.

Perfume: Direct light makes perfume lose its scent and start to smell funky, but keeping the bottles in the original box or in a medicine cabinet can get you 3 extra years out of it.

Razors: Keep your blade sharper for longer by dipping it in rubbing alcohol after each use. Don’t leave your razor where it will get sprayed with water and is more likely to rust.

Running Shoes: You can quadruple their lifespan by keeping them at room temperature when they’re off your feet. Cold air breaks down the soles and messes up the air pockets.

Source: Cosmopolitan