We know a heck of  a lot more about our health and our bodies than we did 30 years ago, or even five years ago.  But there are still plenty of health myths that people still swear are still relevant even though they've been totally disproved.

Here are five completely wrong health myths that just refuse go away:

1.  Eating fatty foods makes you fat.
Just because it's called "fat" doesn't mean it immediately makes you fat, you just have to eat it in moderation.  Anything can make you fat when you eat way too much of it.

2.  All carbs are bad for you.
Over the past few decades, people have learned that carbs are bad, but not all carbs are going to pack on the pounds.  Processed sugars.. Yep, you're right they're bad. However, oats and fruits and other complex carbs are good for you.

3.  Gluten-free foods are automatically healthy.
We're smack dab in the middle of the gluten-free health craze, and it is healthy to drop the gluten if you have Celiac Disease, but gluten-free doesn't automatically equal healthy.  For instance... Soda is gluten-free.

4.  There's something wrong with you if you don't poop regularly.
There's no such thing as one schedule that's right or healthy for everyone... and replace the toilet paper roll. It's a common courtesy.

5.  You can get rid of belly fat by doing crunches.
Science has proven you can't spot-reduce fat.  Working out one part of your body won't make that part get less fat, only dropping fat will make you less fat.