Think you know everything there is to know about Facebook?  Did you know that you can download your entire Facebook history?  No?  Then I guess you don't know all the tricks now, do you?  Ha!  Here are five Facebook features you might not know about:

1) You can hide that you're online. If you don't want to be available to chat with your "friends", simply hide your name from the "online" section. Just click on the chat icon at the corner of the screen and click the option that says "go offline." Boom, done. Later, weird-person-I-met-once-20-years-ago trying to strike up a conversation.

2) You can download your entire Facebook history. Weird, right? And I'm not quite sure why anyone would want to do this, but nevertheless, it's an option if you so choose. Simply go to the Account Settings page; click "Download a copy of your Facebook Data"; and download your entire Facebook history. Voila! Six years of LOL-worthy fun times.

3) You can schedule a Facebook status. Going out for a few hours? Flying? Going to be out of the country for an undisclosed amount of time? Not to worry, you can schedule a Facebook status update for those times when you just can't be at your computer, but need to let the world know you still exist. See a video tutorial on how to schedule a Facebook status here:

4) You can edit already published comments. It's happened to the best of us. We've written what we think is a HA-larious Facebook post and then we realize we spelled "the" "teh". You can fix it. Simply roll over the comment, click on the pencil icon, and edit away!

5) Get mail you've missed. You may log in and realized you somehow missed a bunch of messages. The reason? They were in the "Other" folder in your mailbox. When you go into your mailbox, check the icon marked "Other". You may have missed messages. And they may be good!