Nothing annoys me more than purchasing a product, looking at the label and finding that it was 'Made in China.'  Nothing against the people of China, it's just that same product could and should be 'Made in the USA,' if it weren't for corporate greed.

There was a time when Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, refused to sell anything made in China.  Last night, I had to stop at Walmart, had some extra time and had a difficult time finding anything Made in America.  Yet the only product I bought was Scott's Liquid Gold, guessed it, in the USA.  So many products in this store made in China look cheap and flimsy.  Yet, a recent list released by Forbes, listed the world's top billionaires and a good number of Sam Walton's kin were on that list.  Would Sam be proud?  I don't think.

Last year ABC News did a segment on their World News that focused on products Made in the USA.  It was a very interesting series as it showed people that went out of their way to buy products Made in America.   I invite you to take a look at the fascinating series.

Listeners ask me where they can buy products Made in America.  If you're looking for furniture in the Greater Binghamton Area, Our Country Hearts has 98% of their furniture Made in the USA.  Clothes and other products are hit and miss.  There's even a chain of gas stations that boasts on their tacky commercial that there gas is American fuel.  How do we really know?

LL Bean, the legendary catalog based in Maine, features a surprisingly large number of clothes, blankets and shoes proudly Made in America.  If you're looking for items for your cat, Cat Claws has a large number of cat toys, litter accessories and some really cool scratchers available.  There's also a site worth checking out called Made In USA Forever, dedicated to over 4000 items Made In America, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  They won't offer that in China.