Have you seen "Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet. It's a must watch for Tara and me. We watch and tape them, it's become part of our time together. We really like the "Further Evidence" episodes because the group talks about what they think.

Tara found some evidence of a Sasquatch in our back yard so she wanted to head back out for a night investigation. She and the rest of the junior BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization) decided to see if they could find any more evidence in the back yard. I was happy to be asked to join the group.

I was asked to join because besides Tara, I was the only one with experience in "squatching." Either that or they wanted a grown-up to be with them in the dark.  I'm going with my squatching experience. Tara decided to look like a baby squatch to attract other squatches.

Tara did a couple of howls...she's really good.  They also did several knocks. We thought we heard a couple of responses. We didn't have any sightings. Tara wants to get a thermal camera but I don't have a extra 3,000 dollars around for Bigfoot sightings.

We were gonna do another night investigation on Saturday but with temperatures near zero, we decided a different night would be better. We're gonna try a eye shine investigation next. I'm gonna take my Halloween eye lights (that I put on my knight, Sir Washington) and we're gonna put them on a tree and see if we can draw them in.

If we have more luck, we want to present the evidence to the folks from "Finding Bigfoot." We'll keep you posted. If nothing else, Tara and the rest of the BFRO along with their illustrious leader had a wonderful time together.