The final Presidential debate is tonight at Lynn University at around 9pm.  Foreign Policy is the focus and Bob Schiffer from CBS News will be the moderator.

Many polls have President Obama and Governor Romney at a dead heat with just a couple of weeks to go.  The first two debates had about 60 million watching.  It'll be interesting to see how many watch tonight.  Game 7 of the NLCS is on Fox and the Monday night football game is also on tonight.

Many were frustrated at the way Obama and Romney kept interrupting each other.  In my case there were 2 TVs on downstairs and the audio was about 1 second apart, so double the pleasure.  Many think the loser of the 2nd debate were the viewers.  So what to do tonight?

First they should put both candidates in a booth with the microphone off and it's only turned on when it's their turn to talk.  I think if they auto-tuned the microphone that might add a little to it as well, at least then if they both try to talk, it can sound like a duet or a round.  If they had Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler moderate as Sara Palin and Hillary Clinton that could add something to it too.  I'm sure I'm like most and am looking forward for it to be over,  that way we can go back to learning about our candidates the old fashion way....through radio and tv ads