It was a scary day in Washington yesterday as a  female suspect was shot and killed by police after trying to ram her car through the White House gates and leading them on a chase that ended near the U.S. Capitol. At least one Capitol Police officer was injured and the Capitol was briefly placed on lockdown.

The incident started yesterday afternoon when the woman, now identified as 34-year-old Miriam Carey of Connecticut, tried to breach White House security.

Sources said Secret Service followed after Miriam on a high speed chase from the White House to the Capitol. Authorities say she refused to yield to police and was "using her car as a weapon" when they opened fire.

The most terrifying part of this story is that there was a one year old child inside the car during all of this, who was uninjured. According to some sources, Miriam was a dental hygienist with a history of mental issues while other sources claim she had no mental issues and described her as "friendly and dedicated."