McDonald’s has been taking heat from health advocates for decades. The problem is that they've been using a clown and selling toys to get kids to nag their parents enough to take them to the restaurant for not-so-healthy food.

Since McDonald's first started taking heat, they made some changes. For instance, they reduced the sizes of their fries and they started putting apples and yogurt in their Happy Meals.

Now, it looks like they've decided to take a more drastic approach so that people think they offer healthy alternatives for kids. How drastic? Um, by creating broccoli that tastes like bubble gum.

Obviously, I'm not a kid, but I'm pretty sure even my little self would have been like "what???"

McDonald's actually handed out some of their special broccoli to kids and, well, it didn't go over so well. Apparently the candy-flavored veggie only confused the kids.

As nasty as bubble gum flavored broccoli sounds, I've got to give Mickey D’s some credit for at least trying to do something to get kids to eat their veggies.