For the love of humanity I beg you not to wear socks with your sandals.

The same people who convinced us shoulder pads and socks over our pants were attractive and that any man, no matter how big or small looked sexy in a sleeveless muscle shirt are now trying to encourage people to put on a pair of socks before slipping on sandals.

New York stylists say the look that grandmas and tourists have been *ahem* "rocking" for years has been popping up on fashion runways in shows by Kate Spade and Burberry and that fashionistas are all over the look. Gag.

"Layering sandals with socks is the perfect way to transition seasons," a stylist explains—just make sure to wear "lightweight and solid-colored socks with flat-formed shoes." And "you'll definitely want to show some skin and sex this trend up to avoid feeling frumpy," she adds.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, and Bruce Willis all been spotted wearing socks with sandals. But that doesn't make it okay. If your feet tend to get cold and you feel the need to wear socks, do us all a favor and slip on sneakers or whatever. Anything but sandals. Please!