Up for a little adventure and exploring this 4th of July? Well then, Cooperstown is waiting for you!

Cooperstown isn't just an hour an a half from Binghamton and home to the Baseball Hall of Fame, but it also boasts the Farmer's Museum Independence Day Celebration.

If you're looking for a learning experience for yourself or your kids, you'll find it with historic reenactments, a reading of the Declaration of Independence, arts and crafts demonstrations, wagon tours, carousel access, petting zoo, local farm vendors and so much more on Friday July 4th.

Admission to the Farmer's Museum Independence Day Celebration is $12 for adults and juniors, $10.50 for seniors and $6 for youth. The event will run from 10am to 5pm, giving you  more than enough time to make it back to the Southern Tier to check out fireworks.

To learn more about all of the Independence Day Celebration planned activities and more about the museum, which opened their doors in 1944, check this out.