Morbid post for you!

I remember when my Grandmother passed on and we had gotten to the cemetery to find that the funeral home had opened the wrong grave. My dad went NUTS! Had they dug a couple of more inches down they'd have hit my Aunts casket! These poor people had it even WORSE!

Viewing one of your parents in their casket is one of the saddest moments of your life, I know I've done it twice.  When things go wrong, trust me it's got to be traumatic.

Jerry Moon from Longview, Washington passed away last week, and his funeral was this past Monday. But when the family opened the casket to say their goodbyes, it wasn't their beloved Father in the casket, it was some other random dead guy . . . with a bag over his head.

Only, he was dressed in Jerry's clothes, and had a picture of Jerry's wife tucked under his arm.  No one knows why the bag was tied around his head.

When the family went to the funeral home to figure out what was up, the situation proved to be more of a mix up that expected.  Turns out the random dead guy arrived at the mortuary at the same time as Jerry, and they accidentally switched the bodies.

So where was Jerry?  They creamated him.  And that was extra bad . . . since Jerry's explict wishes were NOT to be cremated when he passed away.

There's no word if the family is going to pursue legal action.  The mortuary is managed by a company called SCI, which runs about 1,400 funeral homes and 400 cemeteries in North America.