Well maybe not on purpose... but surely had an on purpose disregard for sending out updates before they were tested. Facebook's mantra was "Move Fast And Break Things" which had the company moving fast, Even if there was stuff to be fixed along the way. Mark Zuckerberg has changed that mantra.

To all of us, it's a stability issue that is annoying. We've placed so much weight on the social network platform, not just to talk to and keep up with our friends, but now we've integrated marketing into it. It HAS to work! Mark has since revealed in an F8 conference that the new mantra will be "Move Fast With Stable Infrastructure".

"We used to have this famous mantra ... and the idea here is that as developers, moving quickly is so important that we were even willing to tolerate a few bugs in order to do it," Zuckerberg said. "What we realized over time is that it wasn't helping us to move faster because we had to slow down to fix these bugs and it wasn't improving our speed." - Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook boasts bugs to be fixed before an update roll out or at the very least, 48 hours after roll out!