I have never, in all of my life, ever seen anything on social media that comes remotely close to the insanity that is our upcoming presidential election.

Although multiple studies say that posting on social media about the candidate of your choice won't help sway the opinion of someone rooting for the opposing candidate, people still do it. Watching people go back and forth, and in such anger, reminds me of childhood fights with my siblings where we'd hurl insults back and forth, but never accomplish anything.

Whether you're a Clinton or Trump fan, you can admit that this whole thing has become a severely deranged circus with disgusting, dirty, and such inappropriate mud slinging on both sides.

If you thought maybe it would get better before it got worse, here's news for you- hold on tight because we're in for another round of hurt feelings and fights among friends and family- Facebook is now letting users officially endorse a presidential candidate.

This goes way beyond just "liking" your favorite candidates Facebook page. This new feature allows people to visit a candidate's official page, click on the endorsement tab and explain why they stand behind the candidate.

But wait, there's more- after a person endorses a candidate, their endorsement will show up on their profile so that anyone who didn't know a person's stance now will and more unnecessary political fights will surely ensue.

So endorse away, if you wish- but be prepared for nastiness to rear its ugly head.

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