Think your purse is clean?  Um, you might want to think again!

The other day I was in a public restroom and you know how when you look down at the floor you can see feet at the bottom of the stalls?  Well, I saw feet and a purse sitting on the floor and was pretty repulsed.  Bathroom floors are disgusting and if you think about it- your purse touches so many nasty places and then you throw it down on your kitchen counter or table.  Ever think about how many germs you’re spreading when you do that?  Especially if your purse has been sitting on the bathroom floor!

A new study says 20% of purses swabbed for germs were found to be dirtier than the average toilet flush!  Even the stuff in your purse isn’t safe- makeup, lotions and cell phones were all found to contain high levels of bacteria.  

Experts say if you’re not careful the germs on your purse or the things in your purse could cross-contaminate other surfaces, and recommend wiping down your bag and other personal items regularly.

And whatever you do, please DON’T sit your purse on a bathroom floor.  That’s just gross!