I never, ever had a party at my house that my parents didn't know about.  They pretty much put the fear of God in me at a young age- so even if I were just having a few friends over, I had to have permission and even then, one of my parents had to be home. 

Part of me feels bad for this girl, but the other part of me wonders how she didn't think through the whole concept of when you post something on Facebook EVERYONE can see it!

A 16 year old girl in California posted a status on Facebook, inviting a few friends over to watch a movie and bake cupcakes.

Unfortunately for the teen, 300 teenagers showed up.  Yep- you read that correctly- 300 kids showed up and tore up the house, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Neighbors eventually called the cops when they heard furniture and lights crashing and breaking. Cops ended up arresting kids for possession of drugs, theft, and DUI as well as some on weapons charges.

I’m thinking this girl has NOT been having a good day.  Especially if her parents are like mine…

Source: Mercury News