I come from a family of seven kids and life wasn’t always easy for us. There were times that putting food on the table was a struggle and I think because of those hard times when I was a kid, maybe I’m a little more aware of the huge problem we have here in the United States with wasting food.

Did you know that while there are kids going to bed hungry right here in our own country, 40% of food is wasted every year? Well, one company is doing their part to help not only make food more affordable but reduce the amount of wasted food.

BuffetGo has just launched a website where people can place their order and then show up at participating buffets 15-30 minutes before closing time with a receipt and fill up their to-go box for one low price.

I don’t know what the going rate is to fill a to-go container at a buffet is, but I’m guessing if it’s done by pound then it would range somewhere around $15. Not with BuffetGo. I checked out their website and most of the buffets are allowing people to fill a to=go container for anywhere from $2 to $5. Do you realize how much you can fit into a to-go box? Do you realize that for $4 and some Tetris type stuffing, you could feed four kids at least three meals?

So far, this has really only picked up in big cities like New York City, and Chicago. I think this idea is a genius one, and I really hope that it catches on around here. Could you imagine if ns, Star Buffet, and others were to hop on board? Do you realize how many more hungry mouths could be fed right here in the Southern Tier and how much less food waste we’d have?

Speaking of providing food for those who are in need, we're right in the middle of our annual Food-A-Bago, which is a non-perishable food drive we do to help out the Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse (CHOW), If you're able to help by donating some food, that would be awesome!

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