The new TV season is only a few weeks old but it appears the TV networks are growing more and more impatient in letting their shows find a audience.  Pink slips have already been given on Fox's 'American Dad' and 'Lucky 7' on ABC.  And one FOX show, 'Murder Police' was cancelled before it even debuted on FOX.

According to, a number of shows are in danger of getting the axe before season's end.  See if one of your favorites is on a Hollywood respirator:

CBSThe Good Wife, Hawaii Five-O, Hostages, The Mentalist, Mom, We Are Men

ABCNashville, Back In The Game, Betrayal, The Neighbors, Trophy Wife

NBCIronside, Parenthood, Revolution, Sean Saves The World, Welcome To The Family

FOXBrooklyn Nine-Nine, Dads, The Mindy Project

Shows on the BubbleTwo and a Half Men, The Goldbergs, Super Fun Night, The Originals

So what do you think?  Can any of these shows be saved?  Is it too early in the season to tell and is the web site, jumping the gun?  One thing is certain, if these shows don't find its audience soon, they will be gone.  Time will tell, I guess.