The Elf on the Shelf is taking off.  The magicial little Elf that watchs and reports to Santa on whether you've been naughty and nice, has a website and a Twitter account. There's even accessories that you can buy. Since it's beginning 7 years ago, it's annual growth rate is 149%. 

 It also has a movie deal and tonight there's a Christmas special on CBS at 9:30. The special explains how Santa keeps track of whose naughty or nice with the help of his spies.....I mean scouts. This is based on the book and tonights elf is named "Chippey" and he helps a troubled boy this Christmas. It's going to be a EXTRAVAGANZALORIOUS special according to the jolly man in the red suit.

I've been asked what Tara's elf, Suzie, has been up to lately.  I have wonderful news.  Tara has been trying to convince Suzie to sit on top of the mirror in the living room when she comes back from her visit with Santa.  Tara has asked her politely because she wants to make sure Suzie gives Santa a good report. This morning behold, there she was sitting on top of the mirror.  Tara's face lit up like it was Christmas morning.

Tara was so happy that Suzie showed up where she asked and not the place I asked Suzie to go. I didn't have the heart to tell Tara that I think the reason, she's sitting there today is because she's at a great angle for the TV. I'll just tell her that Suzie granted her request. So enjoy the show and we'll see where Suzie ends up tomorrow. I'm guessing the Christmas tree.