Yesterday we told you about one the newest holiday traditions.  It's the "Elf on the Shelf."  My daughter Tara just had one appear at our house and she named her "Suzie."  You can read more about Elf on the Shelf and how one can "appear" at your house.

Well sure enough one has appeared at the Hawk studio and I think we've got one that's a little naughtier than Suzie. The Hawk Elf on the Shelf, Princess Consuela Banana Hammock took up residence in Tracis  headphones. The rules state a person can't touch or use whatever the Elf on the Shelf (or in our case,PCBH) is sitting on. It's been a rough morning for Traci.  At least, that's what she's blaming it on. I just hope PCBH will remember to tell Santa how good I've been (does good at it count.) Where will Princess CBH show up tomorrow.  Come back on Wednesday to find out.