The Elf on the Shelf is getting a little flack.  Tara has a Elf on the Shelf named Suzie.  Suzie is supposed to watch Tara by day and report to Santa at night.  Suzie tells Santa if Tara has been naughty or nice that day.

Some parents and psychologists don't like it.  They say that it's creepy.  I'll admit I love Suzie but sometimes when I watch her, I feel like she's judging me.  She just sits and stares, sits and stares. So is Suzie a spy or a tattletale to Santa?  I do know this, she is a redskin fan that loves to sing (quietly of course) and dance and likes aerobics.

Some Elfs apparently are not as nice as Suzie.  Our Hawk Studio Elf, Princess Conselua Banana Hammock, has sabatoged Traci's headphones and sat on her coffee maker. She even spent some time on my microphone.  Other Elfs that I've seen on Facebook have written on the back of baby's heads while they were sleeping.  I saw one male Elf watching a Barbie doll while she was exercising....or some kind of special dancing.

The whole point of Elf on the Shelf is to have fun, give the kids a wonderful family tradition and something for everyone to enjoy. Some Elfs are nicer than others, but so are humans.  I know that Tara has done good things around the house because Suzie is watching.  So to the parents and psychologists that think that the Shelf Elf is dark and creepy, I say relax and enjoy, it's the holidays for heavens sake.