My daughter Tara's "Elf on the Shelf" continues her adventures around the house.  If you haven't heard, Suzie is the newest family tradition at the Pitcher household.

We've learned that Suzie is a Redskin fan, I think that's why they've won 4 in a row.  I hope I can talk Suzie into staying until after the Super Bowl.  Suzie is scheduled to depart Christmas Eve night until next year's holiday season.  We've learned that she is a cowgirl at heart.  She's also very aerobic, she recently spent the day hanging upside down.

Now we learn that Suzie likes to sing as well.  She spent the day with our Christmas carolers.  I like it that she spent the day with the Daddy singer.  I think Suzie and I have something in common....No, not that we love to sing.  It's that we sing solo, as in "so low" that you can't hear us.  In Suzie's case, it's because we can't hear her.  In my case, it's because people like it when I sing "so low" that you can't hear me.

If you're just hearing about Suzie and Elf on the Shelf, it's not too late to start this as your family tradition. Tara talks to Suzie and gives her advice on places to go in the house. If you look at the picture, you might notice that Suzie wears a skirt now.  You can buy a skirt and leave it near your Elf on the Shelf.  The next time your Elf goes to see Santa, she'll put it on.  Who knew that they could accessorize.  Can't wait to find out where she'll be next......I mean, Tara can't wait to find out where she'll be next.