This new holiday family tradition of Elf on the Shelf has been a wonderful experience. My daughter Tara recently had a elf appear at the house.  According to the instructions, she must name it as soon as she can.  She's named her Suzie.

Suzie reports to Santa every night when we're asleep and lets him know if Tara has been naughty or nice. Day 1: Suzie was in her bedroom and Tara completely cleaned and vacuumed the room without being asked.  That's some major nice points for her from Santa and a big smile from mom.

Since then Suzie has been with Sir Washington, my 7 foot knight named for the Washington Redskins.  Suzie is apparently a redskin fan and brought them good luck against the Giants and some major points with dad.  Suzie has been with Tara's favorite ornament, a glass snowman, and helped keep the snowman nice and clean.

Today we find out that Suzie is also a cowgirl at heart.  After reporting to Santa last night, Suzie decided to stay with our Santa at home.  She put on his cowboy hat and gave him a big hug.  This Santa likes to dance to Holly Jolly Christmas by Alan Jackson.  I'm not sure if Suzie is a dancer but if shes anything like Tara, then she would love to dance and sing.  However since Suzie can't talk, we'll never know the singing part for sure. 

The adventures continue and I can't wait to see where Suzie ends up next.  We'll find out more tomorrow. Go Elf on the Shelf.