Well if you haven't heard my daughter Tara has a "Elf on the Shelf" named Suzie. So imagine how surprised I was when I came to work this morning and discovered we’ve got our own" Elf on the Shelf" here at the Hawk.

 We sure hope the Hawk studio plant doesn't need to be watered because our Holiday Elf on the Shelf (Princess Consuela Banana Hammock,) decided to plunk herself down on it and if you know anything about Elf on the Shelf, you know you can't touch anything the Elf is sitting on because if you do Santa won't bring you Christmas presents! 

 Check back every day to see where Princess Consuela Banana Hammock(PCBH), the Hawk Holiday Elf on the Shelf ends up next and what sort of mischief she gets herself (and us) into.  I have a feeling this Elf isn't as sweet as my daughters.