Saturday is Veteran's Day It's a day we need to honor our veterans. I think overall, we've have been doing better but we can always do more. Today is a perfect day to educate kids about America's history and our brave veterans.

Here are some activities to do with your children:

  • Take part in a flag-raising ceremony:  Local veteran groups like the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars often participate with military banners and American flags. Too busy for that? How about saying the Pledge of Allegiance with your kids at home. Here are the words.
  • Take your children to visit a Veterans hospital.  There is one in Oxford. Here are some others you can visit.
  • Participate in a moment of silence in remembrance of those who gave their lives for their country.  I’ll remember specifically those close to me, Harold “Bud” Skinner and John Priestner.

Take the time to thank and remember the Veterans who have done so much for us.