Today is Earth Day. In honor of this, Tara and I have this ritual that we started a couple of years ago.....Okay it was her idea but I like it so much that I want partial credit.

Tara walks to school on River Road and she'll see the trash. So on Earth Day, we'll pick it up together.  We pick up the trash between our house and the school.

Tara actually does this several times a year but she officially starts it on Earth Day. This tradition is kind of like changing your batteries in your smoke detector every time you set your clocks forward or back.

Sometimes we get lucky and find something of value to keep (a 5 cent returnable can, which can be worth 6 if you take it the Can Man.)  We didn't have much luck last year but maybe this year.

I like her Earth Day gear. A couple of garbage bags, gloves and my favorite DJ headphone T-shirt. She cares about the Earth and likes to do her part in our area.  I couldn't be prouder....Now if I could only get her to clean her room.