Wait.  What's that I hear?  That's the sound of Glenn Pitcher practicing the words to the Eagles fight song?  I thought so!

Yesterday Glenn was pretty positive that his team, the Redskins was going to pounce all over my Eagles boys.  So much so that he kept playing the Redskins fight song during the morning show in an attempt to "help" me learn the lyrics.  My how things can quickly change.

It's amazing what a new coaching staff can do for a football team.  RG3 and the Redskins just couldn't keep up with my boys. Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and the offense unleashed the beast last  night under the direction of new head coach (and one of the best things to happen to Philly in years), Chip Kelly and won over the Redskins 33-27.  That's what I'm talking about!

So because my team stomped on Glenn's team, it's time for a little pay-up. Glenn has to wear an Eagles shirt, drink his coffee from a Philly mug and sing the Eagles fight song LOUD and PROUD on the air this morning.

The first thing Glenn said to me when he walked into work this morning was "good job" so I'm guessing there aren't any hard feelings, but we'll see how Glenn feels later this morning when I post the video of him hugging on a stuffed eagle while wearing a Philly shirt and singing the fight song for the world to hear.

It's on to week two of the football season and the new picks have been loaded, so if you want to play against me and Glenn in the Hawk's Pro Football Pick'em, find out how to do that here.