Update 3/25/2013:  I can't stop thinking about Zach Sobiech, the amazingly strong 17 year old who knows that his time on earth is short and yet instead of living out his last days in sadness and isolation, he's living with a grateful heart and doing all that he can to help others kids with cancer. I just read an article by People Magazine that says:

Zach is using his remaining time and newfound fame to raise awareness and money for kids suffering from his rare form of cancer, teaming with the Children's Cancer Research Fund to launch the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund. He's already raised almost $80,000 to help fund research into a cure.   "My [type of] cancer hardly gets any funding," says Zach. "Our goal is to give other kids with osteosarcoma a chance."


Cancer is an awful, awful thing and not every form of cancer gets the same funding as the next.  My Dad is laying in a hospital bed at Dana Farber in Boston right this second fighting with every ounce of strength he's got for his life. He's got a form of cancer so rare most have never heard of it: Myleofibrosis.

Cancer is horrific at any age, but I just can't imagine being a kid and not knowing if there is a future. Please do me a favor and share this story with everyone you know so we can get Zach's name out and hopefully raise some money for the innocent angels fighting osteosarcoma. I think what Zach is doing is simply amazing and I'd love to see his fund grow to at least $500,000 in donations by May 1st. Wouldn't that be astounding?  Think of all the kids who could be helped.

Original story posted February 22, 2013:

Zach Sobiech is a high school senior with terminal cancer and he just recorded a song he's calling his 'goodbye song.'  It's called "Clouds".

Zach has osteosarcoma, which is a kind of bone tumor, and doctors have told him he only has a few months to live and said he's awful at writing letters, but he wanted to leave a message behind for his loved ones.  He thinks that as long as they go on singing the song after he's gone, it'll be like he's there with them.

I can't imagine the strength this kid must have to not only have come to terms with his illness, but to orchestrate a good bye video for his friends and family. What an amazing guy.