It finally looks like the weather has turned for all of us golfers. HOORAY!!! Are you looking to try out some new courses and save money too? Check out the Hawk Clubhouse Card. Speaking of golf: Have you heard what's been happening at some of the California golf courses?

The dry conditions in California is causing sparks and fires. Some titanium golf clubs that grazed rocks have been blamed for 2 fires in Orange County. They are responsible for 25 acres of burnt land. My thoughts:

5) I could finally say that my golf game is on fire......literally.

4) The golfer responsible for starting the blaze was very upset....that he couldn't get it off his mind until the back nine.

3) In California when you hit your golf ball, instead of shouting "Fore," you yell "Fire."

2) Firemen who were responding to the fire dug a berm to stop the flames....However the golf course criticized them for not replacing their divots.

1) It gives me a chance to repeat the Golfer's Creed (or is it Glenn's Golfing Creed).....Yell "Fore," shoot 6, write down 5.

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