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I don't know about you, but until last week the only thing I knew about "Catfish" was:  They have a lot of all-you-can-eat Catfish in the South and I don't like to take Catfish off a hook.

Thanks to Manti Te'o, we now know that Catfish or Catfishing is a whole different thing.  Did you know that MTV (the channel that used to show video's) has a show called "Catfish," which is about people making up false identities and have people fall for it. The other "Catfishing" is apparently a game that is played on Facebook, where you make someone up and try to get others to fall for it.  You even get points, depending on the result.  If you can get it mentioned on ESPN or NBC, you get the most points.  Whoever fooled Te'o probably got the all-time high score.

With more people knowing about this, I'm sure there'll be more people trying to do it.  So if you think you might be getting "Catfished," here's some things to look for: Try to meet them in person.  Manti should've realized something was up, when he tried to meet her in Hawaii but had no luck. I know, he's a busy person but if he's getting the run around with the woman, he should have suspected something (gold digger, etc) and maybe he did.

Ask them to Skype or video chat: If the person doesn't want to (and not just because they are technically challenged like me) then chances are they might be hiding something.  Although my first thought would be that they are married or in another relationship.

Use Google, Twitter, Instagram or other social media:  I would have to ask Traci for help with that.  They also say beware if they say they are a model or some other outstanding profession.  I know, outstanding is dependent on your point of view.

Finally, Be cautious if they have a small number of friends on FB.  I would really be cautious if they say they are a model and they have only a few friends on FB.  Any model I've seen on Facebook has thousands of friends......if I checked for models, that is.

I say, if you really don't want to be "Catfished" try this. Walk over to a real human that you see and talk to them.  If you like the conversation and you think you have a chance, ask them out.  Call them and talk to them on the phone.  If you try this, I don't think you will get "Catfished."  You might get the Happy Hug, the Brush-Off, or the wrong phone number but you won't get Catfished (or "Te'od" as some would call it.)

Do you know someone that has been "Catfished?"  I know you've never been duped, but you might know someone who has.  Love to hear your comments.