While I joke about having a ghetto booty, I'm not sure how I'd react if my doctor told me I legitimately had one.  I'd either burst out laughing or punch him.  Depends on how much sleep I got the night before.

If you're not familiar, this the Urban Dictionary definition of a ghetto booty: a woman with an extremely large sized glutious maximus.

Terry Ragland decided not to punch or laugh but instead tell the world what a jerk face the doctor is who told her she was suffering from "ghetto booty" and suggest he be punished for sticking his foot in his mouth.

Terry lives in Tennessee and had never seen Dr. Timothy Sweo before, but went to him because she was having some major back issues. and it was then that Dr. Sweo said:

‘I know what the problem is. It’s ghetto booty.


Say what?!? The doctor admitted he told Terry she's got a ghetto booty because he sent an apology letter to Terry which ended up only making things worse.

What I was trying to explain to that patient is that she has lumbar lordosis, which is a fancy name for the curve of the lower spine that makes the buttocks protrude more. In trying to explain that I said that she had ghetto booty and she didn’t like that apparently. That was my attempt to explain why she had the back problem. It wasn’t the whole problem but it was part of it and she got upset about it. You cannot cure lumbar lordosis. I think I do understand why her feelings were hurt but I don’t understand what’s offensive about it.”

Um, what's offensive about it?  Let's see- telling a woman she's got a ghetto booty pretty much ranks right up there will telling a woman that you can count the number of fat rolls on her back or that her upper lady parts are hanging to her belly button.  It's not a safe area for any man to ever walk into and any man who does should expect that there'll be hell to pay. Doc is lucky he didn't get clobbered with a handbag.

By the way, a ghetto booty doesn't just belong to one race. Girls of all shapes, sizes and colors can sport a ghetto booty.

The state of Tennessee is investigating whether the doctor should get in trouble for his comments.