With Halloween being tomorrow and the supernatural supposedly at a high, I wonder... do you ghost hunt? I have been a fan of the Paranormal shows for years and like many have had my own encounters with things I shouldn't be able to explain. I began mildly ghost hunting on my own a few years ago. I have mostly been doing EVP's (Electronic Voice Paranormal/Spirit Voice Recordings) and have gotten some pretty amazing stuff. I've put a few of my saved EVP's below if you want to take a listen, Some are louder, some are faint. Listen to them and see what you think! Do you have EVP's or pictures you'd like to share with me? Send them over! Use the form under my EVP's below.



I was at WORK when I recorded this one, it was really cold in the prod room while I was cutting a commercial. I left the mic on and said "Who is in here?

This was recorded at my empty flood damaged house. I asked if anyone was still here.

This one is faint crank up your speakers. Still at the flooded house, saying we are gonna tear the house down at some point. I hear "I don't like this, GET OUT!"

This was recorded at a friends house, were were recording while talking about how it feels in the laundry room downstairs. You hear a very clear, yet creepy "Good Work!"

This was a few years ago at another friends house in Whitney Point. He had told me it feels like they were being watched.

Back to the flooded house. we hear a very audible "I live here!"