Today is Decide To Be Married Day and Glenn and I are having a friendly debate.  He says everything ends when a guy gets married- opening doors, love making, breakfast in bed etc.  I say there are still good guys and amazing marriages that include door opening, love making and sweet surprises. Here's what Hawk listeners have to say:

Jen Flynn- depends on the couple...don't forget to show you love each other often...actions speak louder than words!

Megan Carman- I'm with you Traci! It took me 31 years to find him, but I did almost a year ago and I can't wait to become his wife in September!

Marylynn Gladhill- I have an amazing husband. When just him and I go out without children he holds doors and opens car doors and surprises me with long drives. He makes me breakfast all the time and while I am still in bed. When I am feeding our son breakfast he makes me breakfast and brings it to me. He is amazing! I love all the little things he still does for me right down to holding my hand.

Brian Clair- Sorry but, I do the door and chores and chair thingy, a divorced guy, nice guys finish last.

Dawn Pitcher- I'm on Traci's side...sort of throwing Glenn under the bus here and sharing a text message he sent me last night while I was in the hospital with an elderly friend..."You're a good woman and wonderful wife and I love you lots."

Michelle Morell Sperbeck- I agree with Tracie... My husband and I have been married 25 years in August... We come from a time where if something in our relationship is "broken", we repair it and nit throw it away... Also, all the GOOD things still happen, I love him more today than I did 25 years ago!!!!

Christina Brink Matthews- I agree with Glen when me and my husband got married it all stopped cause they feel once married why impress them anymore. But I believe there are some good guys out there still just have look hard for them.

Alisa Mae Carpenter- Agree with the good stuff.. you jusr have to find the right and good guy. Thier out there just have to go to the top instead of pulling from the botto

Rocksand Atkinson- I have to agree with Traci, My husband & I will be married 20 years Sept. 4th & he still surprises me with breakfast in bed & flowers Just because he loves me.. Sorry Glenn

Erin Shaw- Im with u girl. My step dad and my grandpa still do all that for their wifes. And my grandpas in his 90s. Their are ggod guys out their u just have to find them among all the bad. Im still surching.

Erick Gaugler- I agree with Glenn

Tracey Kellicutt- I am on Traci's side. I am married to a great guy. We will be married for 30 years in september!! He still surprises me

Janet Evans- After 35 yrs of marriage I can tell you we didn't stay together because he opened a door for me. We stayed together because we actually LIKE each other! And yes after 35 yrs we even love each other. Opening a door is easy. Caring for someone after a surgery or nasty illness, now THAT takes a truly GOOD spouse.

Jen Beatty McGurn- My husband & I have been married 13 years. We still laugh everyday, he still opens doors, snuggles with me & compliments EVERY meal I put on the table. He also does the dishes because he says I shouldn't have to clean up the meal I made. Marry the right person & the good things never go away.

Tara Stanford Ayres- Well, I was with my best friend/soul mate for over 20 years and married for 14...In the end we couldn't make it but I know we tried so hard! I agree w/ the caller you had's what you put it (give and take) to a marriage. You both have to be invested in the same things for each other no matter what. I'm a true believe marriage can be more wonderful each year if you make it that way.

Deborah Deb Debbie- been married for 26 years together 29 my husband is a great father and grandfather he makes me laugh and been thru thick and thin,,,,he always gets the door if he dont I stand there til he he reminds me and I remind him when things get slack but we never give up we dont talk sometimes and we fight too but in the end we are with each other the go to person forever and ever....

Marion Clark- Traci side, because it isn't all about opening a door and love and sex, you have to have a friendship with each other and be able to trust him or her at all times. I will be married 21 years in September or there is a lot in there. I love my husband like the first time I met him, more and more everyday, and years go by.

Karen Bruning- Agree with Traci

Veronica Brady- If you are married to the right person, it doesn't end.

Alicia Mull Force- August will be 6 years that my husband and I have been married. He still does all those things

Laura White Warren- Married nearly 23 years, and yeah, I got nuttin'.

Laura Bull- My husband has always done those things. To this day he still does, and even manages to surprise me when he is deployed! (notes, flowers, something unexpected)

Shelly L Krise- there are some guys out there know how to treat a lady when they are married but there are sone that just sugar coats everything until they get married and assume the lady will serve him abd take care of them like their mothers do

Tiffanney Way-Pickel- I've been married for 17 yrs and that stuff still happens! Not everything all the time though, like opening the door or breakfast in bed, but my marriage is still perfect!

Sandee Hee Hart- I gotta go with Glen. All surprises and perfect gifts before the wedding, 25 years ago. Since then, remembering to put the seat down is his big surprise!

Elissa Pierce Cupelo- I will be married 35 years in October to Mark Cupelo (aka the "other" Mr. October one of our first dates was a Syracuse football game in the old stadium, and he still takes(drags) me there to this day!

Shannon Faircloth- I'm not married yet, been together for almost 5 yrs and the opening doors etc ended already. LMAO. But we are 2 peas in a pod! What makes it nice is that once in a blue moon, he does something sweet like this and it reminds me over and over again how much I love him even though it's not done every day. Kinda makes me love the idea that he DOESN'T do the first stuff date on a daily basis.

Michelle Culver-Pipher- Good guys do exist. I have one of them. I am not the easiest person to live with and he has been wonderful through thick and thin we've been married 12 years. So Tracy is 100% right they're still out there.

Penny Shaver- i married a man that is 10 years younger than me. he is great can be thoughtful and always has been there for me. it's my 2nd time around. couldn't ask for a better guy.

Marylynn Gladhill- I have an amazing husband. When just him and I go out without children he holds doors and opens car doors and surprises me with long drives. He makes me breakfast all the time and while I am still in bed. When I am feeding our son breakfast he makes me breakfast and brings it to me. He is amazing! I love all the little things he still does for me right down to holding my hand.

Jenn VanSlyke- Traci, I've gotta agree w you. I have a wonderful hubby and I'm a very lucky lady. He makes me breakfast, opens the doors, flowers and the whole 9!!!

Alexis Sulich- I agree with Traci. I'm so tired of hearing from guys (and occasionally women) that marriage means "game over", or "the world's smallest handcuffs are wedding rings" or guys telling their friends "don't get married! Its not worth it!" The only thing that makes a relationship bad after marriage, are the parties involved. Both people have the ability to make it amazing, or completely ruin it, and if one or the other stops trying, guess what happens to that marriage........if you don't want to be in a committed relationship, joined by marriage for the rest of your life, don't propose!! I would be incredibly hurt if my significant other said some of the things to me that I've heard some married couples say about each other in front of their spouse. End rant.

Nelle Nicole- 7 years. 3 kids. finally getting married in Sept. NO doors are opened for me anymore.

Denise Vicks- Your side Traci, my husband still opens doors for me and our bedroom is never dull. I get a flower every Friday with a love message on it. I got one a week for 2yrs when we were dating and thought it would stop but I still get them once a week the difference is it now says your husband. There are not to many men out there that does the special things a women needs them to do but I have a wonderful man. I married him 23yrs this Dec 1990 and remarried him again 9months ago this Sept 2012. He sings to me and dances to music in a mall or at our campgrounds with no one around she is a romantic through and through.

Tonee TheBar- Uhhhh that never started and im a bad guy. "Everyone loves a bad guy" -scarface-

Michele Walburger- Some things are more important than holding the doors, and breakfast in bed. Holding your hand when your waiting by the phone for the doctors office to call. Helping with stuff around the house cuz he knows your tired from your 50 hrs at work. Doing the laundry. Making you laugh. Marriage is hard work, it's not always romance but if you work at it is always great. We have been together 27 years. I wouldn't change a thing. Counting my blessings everyday!

Jean Rightmire- I agree with Glen, except I have notice some interesting things; other men will open doors for me, if most men including my husband at the time, see a pregnant woman they will help. With my own husband if I am sick/injured badly enough he will care for me and even 'hover' to make sure I am okay. In our 20+ year marriage I have been pregnant, and have rarely been sick or injured.

Sandra Welch Short- I'm on your side Traci. My husband is the best!

Danielle Nicole Ward- Im with glenn! All the mushy lovey dovey stuff stops once the man gets comfy. Men work hard to get u then once they have u, all the nice things stop

Jill Marie Porter- You have to work at marriage, when you work at it you still have romance within marriage.

Art R Tilts-Traci's I still open the door for my wife maybe not all the time.

Maureen H Di Brienza- Tracie...we'll be married 36 year in Sept...the only thing that has changed is that our kids have moved out...I love him more and more each day and I'm sure he feels the same about me...we enjoy each other just as much today as we when we were first married if not more...

Clayton Joscelyn- Traci, Im with you. I still do that stuff

Dorlene Walker- you're both right. majority stop doing the things that helped attract us to them, but then there are a few, llimited few who carry it on for several yrs before stopping.

Sandy Jones- Yep ... 37 years and he still opens doors and holds my hand... I got a keeper !!!!!

Tresie Valentine Shedd- I am on Tracie's side my husband and i have been married for almost 20 years and he is the same man today as he was 20 years ago

Amanda Collyer- I'm with Traci! My husband Nickolas is the sweetest husband there is! He is the ONLY man who has ever opened the door for me and still does to this day. He Is so thoughtful and caring. That's a real man!!

Jenneen Schoonmaker- I believe there are some really great marriages out there. But for personal experiences, good men are a fairy tale.

Connie Johnson Jones- I agree. The good guys still do exist. Celebrated 29 years in April with my guy. He still surprises me after all these years. I also agree with Michelle. We repair what is broken and don't throw it away. We have passed this on to our children and hope they continue with these values.

 Debbie Mosser- I disagree Glen I have been married to a fantastic man after 39 years he still opens door is always thoughtful,I worked for 11 years second shift every night at my supper time he would be up there to see me.I am sure there are a few more out there but I was so truly blessed when my sister n her boyfriend wanted me to go on a blind date with him.I could not have asked for a more amazing man.

What do you think?  Do good men still exist?  Is there hope for single girls? Do good strong marriages still exist?  Leave a comment and let us know!