If a bridal shower is in your future, either as the bride or the host, this is a fantastic idea that my future sister-in-law's matron of honor pulled off at her bridal shower this weekend: a wedding gown cupcake cake.

Traci Taylor

Here’s how east it is to make a wedding gown cupcake cake:

Bake cupcakes according to recipe in cupcake papers and let cool.

Once cupcakes are cooled, place them on a cake board (you can find this at any craft store) in the shape of a dress. Play around until you get it looking just the way you want.

Use a little dab of icing on the bottom of each cupcake to hold it onto the cake board so they don’t slide around.

Use a 1M tip to create flowers on each cupcake, starting from the middle of each cupcake and working your way out. You want to make sure that you create an overlap between the cupcakes so that the entire cake is covered.

For the final touch, add some costume jewelry pearls and a diamond embellishment where the waist line sits on the dress.