We’re all told that Valentine's Day is supposed to be a reminder of all the amazing parts about romance. So yeah, it's not supposed to go down like this. According to Avvo.com, a website that posts ratings and profiles for doctors and lawyers, Valentine's Day is also the time of year when divorces skyrocket.

Apparently, a lot of people take a long, hard look at their marriages, realize that the romance is dead and can't fathom even one more Valentine's Day of choking down a heart-shaped box of chocolates together.  So they end things.

The survey found that divorce filings jump 36% around Valentine's Day, compared to the previous six months.  Even higher than after the holidays, when a lot of people come down from the Christmas high and end things.

Kelly Chang is a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles.  She says she always sees the Valentine's Day rush, and there are two main people who cause that rush.

"[There are] the 'delayed New Year's resoluters' who are moving forward on their resolution to be single, just a month late . . . and the 'waiting to exhalers' who file for divorce [because] of their spouse's actions on Valentine's Day."

Cary Cheifetz is a divorce lawyer in New Jersey and he has another theory on why people get divorced in mid-February.

"People wait until they know what their spouse's bonus and income situation will be in the new year."