I was reading an article on of our sister stations put up a little while ago and it immediately made me want to buy a plane ticket to Cuba to beat these parents to a pulp.

It’s a video showing a woman who is presumed to be the mother holding down her three year old son while the father tattoos his arm. This is apparently in Havana, Cuba. Shortly after the video was posted, I and everyone on the world wide web began to anger. See what you think:

You can’t see the tattoo in the video, but according to Gawker, the child is allegedly being branded with the mark of the beast – 666. They also report that the mother in the video is a member of a cult called the Growing in Grace International Ministry. The cult is based around a guy who claims he’s the second coming of Jesus AND the Antichrist, but supposedly it’s not a Satanic group. WHO CARES?! This little boy is being tortured if you ask me.

Do you think inking this child against his will is child abuse?