During the Hawk Morning Show today, we were talking Turkey...as in different ways to cook it. We got some interesting ideas. As we all know, I'm not a cook and I don't play one on the radio. So here are some of the weird ways and my thoughts on it:

5) Deep fried in lard... Vegetable oil is OK, but have you ever had French Fries cooked in lard? Lard make pig skin taste really good - just think what it could do to turkey skin.

4) Plastic oven bag... It may sound made up, but it is real. You bake the turkey inside a heatproof plastic bag to keep in the juices. I would try this method, but probably only once.

3) Bacon wrapped... I can see Traci trying this for sure. It looks like something from a horror movie. Will it make a turkey less dry?  When pork bellies fly!

2) Deep fried... Put the whole turkey in a vat of boiling oil.  Remember just a few years ago when that was all the rage? It's gone the way of counter-top espresso machines and floppy discs. I like fried food, maybe too much, but the fire isn't worth the risk.

1) Turducken... Chicken wrapped in a duck wrapped in a turkey. Who came up with this idea? The dryness of chicken and turkey and the succulent taste of duck. Just stuff the Turk with sausage and your guests will feel like their dining with Henry the 8th.

I wonder what the Pilgrims would think of these ideas. I see this as more as a way of getting out of ever having to cook a Turkey again.  If you try this, let me know how it worked for you.