As I watched this tiny little snippet of Dierks Bently's new song "Bourbon  in Kentucky",  tears streamed down my face and I could feel the pain in his soul. If you've ever lost someone you loved or have faced losing someone who means the world to you, this song will no doubt hit home for you just like it did for me.

Dierks's Dad passed away last year and Dierks pays homage to him along with Kacey Musgraves who joins Dierks on the chorus, singing "there ain't enough bourbon in Kentucky to forget you."  Dierks told Rolling Stone:

"I've never heard anything like 'Bourbon' before," Bentley says. "I really love the angst of it.  I've been there before where you can't drink your way through a heartache or a broken heart. There's such an aggressive lonesomeness in this song."


The entire version of Bourbon in Kentucky will steam at some point today on Dierks's website and I want more.  I want to listen to the entire song over and over.
Music is an amazing and wonderful thing, isn't it?  Music has the ability to touch the heart and soul on so many levels.