Uh, oh! Dierks Bentley's got some 'splainin' to do!

You’ve probably heard Dierks Bentley's new song called ‘Drunk on a Plane.’ It’s a catchy song with a fantastic storyline, but in Dierks house, it's led to some questions that he’s not sure how to answer.

In a recent interview with Taste of Country, Dierks revealed: “My daughter just asked my mom what’s ‘Drunk on a Plane’ mean? So that’s going to be fun explaining to many of my fellow parent friends like ‘Sorry.’”

Dierks said his wife handled the question by distracting their 3-year-old, but Dierks is pretty sure his kids will figure it out soon enough.

“They know when I pull up to the liquor store and they’re in the car with me. I try to explain I’m going to get some gas and they see me walk out with a bottle of wine or something they’re like ‘What are you doing dad?’ Uh you know just, uh, getting a few things for the house. They’re on to us already.”

If you haven't seen the music video, take a second to check it out: