Today is the day Dierks Bentley fans have been looking forward to for what feel like forever. After months of hype, his seventh studio album, ‘Riser’ is out in stores.

One of the songs on ‘Riser’ is called “Bourbon In Kentucky” and it’s my favorite Dierks Bentley song of all time. At the time “Bourbon In Kentucky” was released, I’d just lost a man I deeply loved to cancer and this song grabbed at my heart.

“Bourbon In Kentucky” shows the darker side of Dierks as he sings “There ain’t enough bourbon in Kentucky for me to forget you” along images of himself drinking, singing against a backdrop of flames, sitting trapped in a car on the brink of drowning and floating weightless in water.

“Bourbon In Kentucky” was the first song released last year in support of the ‘Riser’ album, but it didn’t get the attention I think it deserved because it’s a pretty dark song. Dierks was hoping the song would be a hit, but when it wasn’t he explained to Rolling Stone that he decided it was time to get back into the studio. Dierks said: “It’s a pretty dark song.I’m not afraid of trying things. It’s a song I believe in, but it pushed the album release back about four months.”

Check out the official music video and take a good listen to the words. If you’ve ever hit an extremely low point in life (and who hasn’t?) or have lost someone you loved, you’ll appreciate the meaning of this song.