Ladies love Dierks Bentleys curly hair. We can only hope that it'll all be back by February when he'll be at 'Boots in the Sand.' He lost his hair. How did he lose it?

He was in Nashville for a concert. He told the crowd, "I know some country girls like the curls, but you take a 13 hour road trip from Lubbock, TX to Nashville and throw in some Jagermeister and....I lost a bet and I lost my hair."

He didn't reveal any details about the bet.  I'm guessing he doesn't remember.  Jager will do that. He took off his hat and showed everyone that his trademark curls were no more. He also said that the short hair might not be a bad thing, because when he had the curls, Blake Shelton said he looked like "The Greatest American Hero".

He'll be on NBC5 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight. He is part of the show's week-long tribute to Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam's Mike McCready and Dierks did a song called "Life on the Run" from Dierks album Feel That Fire in 2009.

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