Eleven time Grammy nominated Dierks Bentley is one busy dude.  Not only is he preparing for a new tour, including a June stop at the HAWK's 'Taste of Country Music Festival' at Hunter Mountain, but with the release of his new album, 'Riser' on Tuesday, he was a number of live appearances over the next few weeks.

Look for Dierks on ABC's 'Good Morning America,' Tuesday morning, February 25th, 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,' late night Wednesday, Bravo's 'Watch What Happened Live,' also on Wednesday and a stop on ABC's 'The View,' Thursday.

Dierks will catch up with fans in Chicago for an album release show on February 27th and then flies to Mexico for 'Boots In The Sand.'  And there's also a surprise concert appearance at an unannounced location that will be revealed on social media of the course of the week.

Critics have fallen in love with his new album 'Riser.'

'Billboard' calls the album "one of the year's most highly anticipated" and notes "fueled by personal triumph and tragedy...Bentley goes deeper than ever."  'The Washington Post' says applauds Dierks for "excelling outside the bro zone."  Dierks  is on the cover of the new 'Country Weekly' and says the singer "revitalizes country music on his greatest album yet."

Pretty powerful reviews from some pretty tough critics.  Country music needs a new sound as so many have been less than impressed with the direction of country music and the "hick- hop" sound.  Nobody is more deserving than the hard working Dierks Bentley.