If you looked at your Facebook or Twitter news feed at any point yesterday, there's an excellent chance that you saw the story floating around about Clippers star Blake Griffin smacking Justin Bieber. Turns out the story isn't true. But a lot of people seem to wish it were.

The story began circulating yesterday that Justin was at a California Starbucks when he was refused his order because he wasn't wearing a shirt. The story went on to claim that Justin flipped out and started threatening the barista and that's when Blake Griffin stepped in to diffuse the situation and in doing so smacked Biebs for being an obnoxious brat.

The story was concocted by Empire Sports, a seemingly satirical sports blog. Even though their article was tongue-in-cheek, it didn't stop people from spreading it as truth on Twitter and Facebook.

Not surprising, a lot of people wished the story were true that someone finally put Bieber in his place. Twitter blew up with comments yesterday. Here are a couple of them:

Joseph Pucilowski- So apparently Blake Griffin smacked justin bieber in a starbucks, because justin was yelling at the barista. I love you blake.

David Goldfarb- If this is true, Blake Griffin deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Team FL-Blake Griffin Smacks Justin Bieber At Hollywood Starbucks. Lmfaoo, Blake just became a favorite of mine!

Murray Mandryk- I don't like basketball, but here's why Blake Griffin is now my favourite basketball player.

USC Trojans Football- Griffin smacks Bieber —> #AndIjustbecameaClippersfan

Ulysses Gomez- If Blake Griffin really did slap Justin Bieber I would burn all my Lakers gear and become a diehard Clippers fan.

Ivan Gallegos- 2014 isn't Justin Bieber's year at all. Blake Griffin for President!

Stefan White-I liked Blake Griffin when he played for OU. And now...I like him so, so, so much more.