There are a lot of needy people in the Southern Tier. We'll be doing the Hawk Winnebago beginning on Monday, November 6th to help out CHOW. Go here to read about that.  But have you heard about the critcial need for baby diapers.

I'm very lucky, I never had to choose between food and buying diapers. Not everyone is that lucky.  Miller Motors is going to fill 2 of their vans with diapers and wipes. You can drop off your donations at the showrooms. You'll be helping babies in the Southern Tier and you can to enter win a 50" TV.

Miller's will deliver them to Mother's and Babies Perinatal Network and other local charities. There are many obvious reasons why diapers matter but here's some you may not have thought of (I know I didn't.) Without diapers – babies cannot participate in early childhood education. Without childcare – parents cannot go to work. There is even a National Diaper Bank Network.  I didn't know that either.

Miller's will be taking your donations through this weekend. You could even show up next week and they'll take them.  I joke around sometimes and say I'm doing it for the kids. This is no joking matter, I hope you can help.