You’ve heard of DWI-Driving While Intoxicated. But you’ve probably never heard of this? DWI-Dentistry While Intoxicated!

In Radomsko Poland, a drunken dentist has been accused of pulling out the tooth of a patient who only needed a crown. The patient was undergoing prep when he became suspicious that his dentist had been hitting the bottle. The dentist gave him some anesthetic and to the guy’s horror, he yanked out his front tooth.

At that point, the guy demanded his dental records, but the dentist kicked him out of the room. After he kicked the guy out of the room, the dentist barricaded himself in his office when police arrived. Officers were eventually able to get in and determined that the dentist was indeed under the influence of alcohol or Dentistry While Intoxicated.

At least they got to the root of the problem!