In my quest to find every possible way to enjoy the deliciousness that is bacon, my friends encouraged me to try to merge two of my loves together: bacon and pickles.

So you ask "what could possibly be better than deep fried bacon wrapped pickles?" The answer is pretty much nothing.

Go ahead. Make this recipe. You know you’re intrigued and want to!

Jar of dill pickles
Package of bacon

Eggs (crack a couple into a bowl and whisk)
Extra virgin olive oil

A cup or so of bread crumbs
Pinches of paprika, salt, pepper, garlic


1. Slice pickles into long chunks.

2. Wrap each pickle in bacon (1 slice per pickle). Depending on how you wrap the pickle, the bacon may overlap in some places- this is ok.

3. If you like crispy bacon, you probably won’t want to coat the pickle/bacon in breading. If you like crispy bacon, you should skip to #6.

4. Dip the bacon wrapped pickles in the breading. There should be enough moisture on the bacon and pickles to get some of the breading to stick.

5. Transfer the pickles to the bowl with the eggs and coat them really well. Once coated, dip the pickles back into the breading to coat until they’re fully covered. By making sure that the pickles are fully covered, you’ll ensure a nice crispy layer that won’t fall apart during frying. And that’s important because nobody wants a goopy mess.

6. Add to a frying pan a cup or so of olive oil. Turn on stove to medium heat and wait until the oil is nice and hot.

7. Here’s how I know if the oil is hot enough- I put a little water on my fingers and then shake my fingers at the frying pan kind of like a wizard. If the oil bubbles, it’s ready. Once the oil is hot enough, place 3-4 pickles in at a time. Cook 3-5 minutes per side until the bacon is nice and crispy or the breading is dark brown.

8. Remove from the pan and set on some paper towels to soak up any of the excess oil.