Did you know there was a Presidential debate tonight?  I'm joking of course.  How could you not.  If you turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper or magazine, or listen to the news for 3 minutes, that's all they are talking about.  In fact, the prediction is 100 million people are going to watch the first Presidential Debate with NBC's Lester Holt tonight.  Those are Superbowl numbers baby!

On my radio show today, I mentioned that I had friends that were hosting a debate party tonight, complete with Donald cupcakes and Hillary pie.  Even though the future of our country is a very serious matter, some of these friends (who are taking tomorrow off I assume), are having a little fun partaking in a drinking game with some pretty hilarious rules.

Drink every time Trump:

  • Mentions "The Wall"
  • Says "Make America Great Again"
  • Says the words "big", "beautiful" or "terrific"
  • Mentions China
  • Says "I was treated unfairly"

Drink every time Hillary:

  • Takes a sip of water
  • Laughs out loud
  • Mentions "My daughter Chelsea"
  • Mentions "President Obama"
  • Says "Stronger together" 

The more I look at the list, the more I'm glad I'm not playing.  If you do play, you might want to think about taking more than one day off from work.  Let me make it clear that I'm not encouraging anyone to drink by any means.  Use soda or warm cider.  Be safe tonight and just count how many times these catch phrases and words that we are all so used to hearing, come up.