They say heels make women more powerful and potentially dangerous, which would absolutely be the truth in this bizarre case.

A Texas woman has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend, a college professor, allegedly killing him with her stiletto. Police say Ana Lilia Trujillo killed Alf Stefan Andersson on Sunday "by intentionally and knowingly committing an act clearly dangerous to human life."

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences told CNN that an official cause of death has not been determined. but when police arrived on the scene the victim had 10 puncture wounds to his head and some of them were as deep as an inch and a half as well as other injuries.

A friend of the suspects said he wasn't surprised that it was his friend who was arrested in the death of the professor, saying:  "Because twice she told me if anybody ever messed with her, she pulled her shoe off and said, 'I'd get them with this.'"

In no way am I making light of this or do I think this is a funny story, but I have to share what popped into my head after "how horrible" and it was this from Martina McBride's song "When God Fearing Women Get The Blues:"

"Lock up the beauty shop
No telling if they've heard the news
Call the boys downtown at Neiman Marcus
Tell 'em lock up them high-heeled shoes
When God Fearin' Women Get The Blues
There ain't no slap dab atellin' what they're gonna do"

Sources: ABC 13, CNN