I have been getting busier and busier as time goes on and still to this day there are those mornings that I'm standing the the shower thinking about the extensive laundry list of things I have to do and I feel nauseous. I'm not in the shower, but right now is one of those times. I could list off the things I have to do in the next four days for you. But that would bore you and I would probably end up with vertigo. Instead I will offer up some things to do that can help you not freak out. A very good friend of mine, Roger Neel gave me the best advice a boy could have. Take one thing at a time it will all work itself out in the end. Not kidding about this! This is how I do it. Start using your smartphone's calendar to do the remembering for you. That helps to relieve the feeling that you've forgotten something. Then just TAKE ONE TASK AT A TIME! I don't mean dilly dally through them either. Just get to the next task get it done and move on. If you do this you might actually have a few minutes to sit and relax at the end. If you are forced to multitask through everything, take a couple of seconds to jot down how far you've gotten so when you return to the original task you aren't feeling like you're "starting over". Don't be afraid to tell someone you don't have time to take on additional tasks! I have a hard time with this because I try to help everyone. If you are feeling crushed as it is... More stuff to do is not going to help your situation. That's all I can tell you for now, good luck on the upcoming weeks friends!