Studies have shown that a dead cellphone battery or a going dead battery actually stresses people out to the point of a panic attack. 92% of people say they are stressed out. 61% of people surveyed said It's frustrates them and 25% SAY THEY LEGIT START PANICKING!

Isn't this why we have voicemail? Maybe there's a re reason, with all of us leaning so hard on our tech, we are always available 24-7. Bosses now know that they can call employees whenever they want to. What's the first thing you think when you don't get an answer or the phone rings twice and goes to voicemail? You think you get put on ignore. Not that the phone was dead... You feel like you weren't important enough to be answered. Problems start and you had no control over it.

The survey also found that in a disaster situation,  your cellphone would be the #2 thing people would want the most, right after water.  It beat out food, which came in third.

Again: The your cellphone BEAT OUT FOOD!