Nobody wants to be alone for the holidays.  Finding someone on line is a popular and safe option.  I have had two friends find their life partners with dating web sites.  My friend Nancy credits a good profile for bringing her together with her husband.  But it's more than great writing skills.  Here are some mistakes to avoid if you're going on line to try to find a good match.

>> Don't pick a wacky user name.  Most potential dates won't find suggestive user names as funny as you do.

>> Use current photos.  Isn't that the point to date the you of today not the you of 10 years and 25 pounds ago?

>> Honesty is always the best way.  Mom may have been right on this one.  Honesty works here but don't be overly so.  Humor works best in some cases but also, leave some detail out.  It's always good to keep them guessing.

>>  Date in your age range.  Be careful with the age range you list.  More often that not, it's a turn off to see the age range too young or way older than you.  People may think you're a bit strange.

>> And finally, when you are writing your profile, use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.  Impressions are everything.

Some good advice.  Good luck and don't give up. I know.  Easier said than done.